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Aarbakke Innovation works in close collaboration with our customers to deliver the simple solutions that solve their complex problems. We have a strategy of finding and adapting ideas from other industries, and we are never afraid to utilize internal and external expertise, or remodel existing solutions. Our backgrounds are diverse and we share a spirit of innovation that puts us at the cutting edge of smart solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Check out some of our own ideas/tools at www.weinventstuff.com

Innovation Lab

Our “innovation lab” concept values imagination as highly as knowledge. It means we always challenge the status quo, taking time to step back from a problem in order to approach it from new and innovative angles.

We won’t always reinvent the wheel. But we often re-tool solutions from unexpected areas or re-imagine existing ideas to better serve our clients. Through a process of structured innovation we produce cost effective and sustainable engineering solutions.

We are inspired by a desire to engineer a better future by designing solutions that minimise the cost and environmental impact of the oil and gas industry.

Whatever the challenge, our philosophy is to work tooth in cog with our clients to provide the best solution for their business.
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