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Our role in the product life cycle

Aarbakke Innovation’s approach to product development means we can become involved in the design and production process at any point in the production cycle. We have experts who can contribute or project manage the cycle whether they are there from conception or join at the development, manufacturing, assembling, or testing phase. Our commitment to our products means we are equally committed to the aftermarket and decommissioning phases of the cycle.

Engineering solutions at each stage of your business

We create products that address our clients’ technical problems. Whether it is Subsea or Down-Hole our engineers stake their reputation on designing products that save time and money. We work closely with our clients through each stage of the design and production process from problem or idea through prototyping, testing, installation and obsolescence. Our philosophy of structured innovation means our clients can be sure of the most inventive and effective products. And because of our history alongside Aarbakke, we have the grounding in manufacturing that means we know what works in practice, not just on paper.

Flexibility and imagination. The way we work

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